The DNA of a New West Luxury Home: Our Specifications

Home builder specifications, often referred to as “specs,” detail the materials, finishes, construction methods, and other standards a builder uses in the construction of their homes.

The DNA of a New West Luxury Home extends beyond the ordinary.

We are committed to creating homes of the highest caliber, marked by exceptional construction standards, top-tier materials, and cutting-edge design features. Every element that defines an exceptional home has been considered to support healthy, intelligent, sustainable, maintenance free living. Our standard specifications, seamlessly integrated into every home we build, represent a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry.

When you choose New West as your custom home builder, invest with unwavering assurance, knowing that our seasoned professionals have meticulously handled all the critical, expertise-driven decisions. This empowers you to dedicate your time where it truly counts – personalizing your home to seamlessly suit your family’s present and future needs. Be a part of a legacy of superior craftmanship and innovation with your New West Luxury custom masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Structural Integrity

The core of every New West Luxury Home is its structural integrity.

A comprehensive document detailing every truss, joist, beam, and post in your home’s foundation is thoroughly vetted and approved by an independent engineer to ensure every facet is structurally sound and optimized for uncompromised safety and enduring quality.

Did You Know?

Building a custom home involves the creation and management of hundreds of unique documents tailored to your home. There are no form letters or templates in this meticulous process!

Thoughtful Basement Design

Strategic placement of your electrical panel, comprised of every service point, is thoughtfully integrated in your basement mechanical room, preserving the aesthetics of your home. We fully finish and insulate your mechanical room, to ensure optimal efficiency of your mechanical systems in all weather conditions.

We use the appropriate insulation throughout your home, so you can experience optimal thermal comfort year-round. We also maintain a strong thermal barrier at the base of your building envelope by insulating the interior face of the exposed sections of each rim joist along your home’s foundation, to eliminate air leaks and keep moisture out.

Every New West Luxury Home has basement in-slab heating roughed in, offering you the flexibility to add this feature at your convenience in the future, should you choose not to install it immediately.

We include insulated hot water lines with a built-in recirculation pump in our homes, so you can enjoy instant access to hot water, while minimizing water wastage and energy consumption, which is all part of our commitment to sustainable living.

Exterior Excellence

Our homes feature triple-glazed windows for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. We use smooth acrylic stucco, which provides a luxurious finish to enhance curb appeal and acts as an excellent insulator. Our driveways and walkways are sealed exposed aggregate concrete, combining elegance with durability. All our exterior specifications align with our commitment to build superior homes that support maintenance free living.

Personalized Luxury Closets

Closets should not be an afterthought. Instead, we elevate your storage spaces with custom closets that are personalized to your lifestyle and preferences, working with our accredited in-house design team.


Customized Kitchen Cabinetry

There is no need for upgrades when our luxurious Allure line of cabinetry already embodies unmatched elegance and functionality! This cabinet line is fully customizable and can be personalized to align with your lifestyle, creating a kitchen that truly reflects your tastes.


Healthy Homes Initiative

We believe your home plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. That’s why at every step of our build process, we put your family’s health at the forefront and embrace practices that will enhance the health of your home.