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At New West Luxury Homes, we know how we operate is not “industry standard”. Our business model is a testament to the fact that we strive to be a builder who thinks outside the box. Central to this is our Healthy Homes initiative that recognizes your home plays a vital role in your family’s overall health and wellness. Healthy home principles are incorporated into every step of our build process. This includes everything from the very foundation of the way we approach the design and install of your building envelope to choosing products that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). As well, wherever possible, we choose products that are Canadian made.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and an abundance of natural light sources in our design are always considered because we know this influences mental health. A Healthy Home also incorporates smart technology that promotes safety, security and life efficiencies. Your home should be built to welcome and serve all members of your family, regardless of their age or ability; therefore, accessibility solutions are also part of the Healthy Homes conversation we have with our clients. Our Healthy Homes initiative will always guide our building practices, so we are committed to staying well informed on emerging technologies in this area.

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Personalized Homes

Personalized Homes are homes that are partially built and are ready for you to individualize from the rough-in stage onward. If you want a shorter build process and a quicker possession date, with the opportunity to tailor your home to your needs and design preferences, a New West Personalized Home might be the right choice for you!

Learn more about our helpful, intelligent home technology, available in our custom homes:

See New West’s home builds in progress in Phase 6 & 7 at Watermark at Bearspaw!

Phase 7 – February 2023 Update

Phase 6 – February 2023 Update

Phase 7 – January 2023 Update

Phase 6 – January 2023 Update

Phase 7 – December 2022 Update

Phase 6 – December 2022 Update

Phase 7 – October 2022 Update

Phase 6 – October 2022 Update

Phase 7 – September 2022 Update

Phase 6 – September 2022 Update

Phase 6 – August 2022 Update

Phase 6 – June 2022 Update


Book Your Private Show Home Experience! *

Walking into a show home can feel intimidating with sales staff present and sharing the space with other visitors also exploring the home. At New West, we are changing the paradigm when it comes to how you tour our show homes!

We want to remove the pressure and allow you to explore our show homes at your own pace without any other distractions. Our Private Show Home Experience allows you to spend time in each space and imagine what it would be like to live in this home. Consider what you like about the home and how your family would utilize each space or what changes you would make to better suite your needs.

If you are interested in booking a Private Show Home Experience, fill out the form and we will contact you to set-up your dedicated time in our show home*.