Build from $350’s Custom Concepts

Building from the $350’s to $750’s

Don’t be content in just choosing an interior finishing package.  Build your entire home to suit your personality from the $350’s to $750’s.  Now that is a concept.

Your home should be built on a foundation of how you live your life.  From a custom size and custom footprint to unique rooms, state of the art appliances and stylish fixtures New West Custom Concepts is here to improve the quality of your life by building you a home that best reflects your lifestyle and personality.

While we are able to start your design process with any number of models in our portfolio, we do feel most at home by creating a custom design that is truly your vision.

From the inner city to suburban living, New West Custom Concepts is here to build the home of your dreams in the environment of your choice.

While our community choices may be right for some, others may want to be more personally involved with this decision.

That said, we offer any help you may need in the research of your community choices, both inner city and suburban.  If you have a lot, we can build on it.  It’s all part of the New West Experience.